About us


The Head of the Law Firm is Gilberto Antonio Cruz Rios, Bachelor at Law and Political Sciences, a degree earned at the Universidad Latina de Panama. While studying in law school, he worked his internship in the renowned Benedetti & Benedetti Attorneys-at-Law firm, a real academic experience, for he was able to meet and work through a wide range of legal issues and business.

After getting his degree in law and his qualifications by the Panamanian Bar, he has run a very successful career with important criminal justice, commercial, administrative cases, and other important and relevant issues.   Currently, he is the legal counsel for the renowned Panamanian band “Rabanes”, winners of Grammy awards in music. Counselor Cruz Rios is also the legal counsel for prominent political figures around the country. Also known for his great social sensitivity, he supports youth training and sponsorship of sports leagues for youngsters and organizing groups such as the Panama Boy Scouts Association.

CRUZ RIOS & ASSOCIATES is constituted by a highly qualified staff, whose competitiveness and readiness for assertive action writes down the map for immediate, efficient, and effective solutions for situations arising day by day. Some of the prospects the firm are to cover all kinds of legal and related issues, in addition to the future expansion of offices around the country, with qualified professionals, well trained to meet a wide range of needs . Similarly, we look forward to positioning ourselves as leaders in the region in terms of legal advice.